Post-Earthquake Reconstruction in Nepal

Partner:Shree Shanti Adarsha Higher Secondary School, Laduk, Dolakha 


On April 25 and May 12, 2015, two earthquakes struck Nepal at a scale of 7.8 and 7.3 respectively. Around 9,000 people have died in this catastrophe. VolunteerLink Taiwan is funding for the international humanitarian aid--to reconstruct the post-earthquake Nepal. The project will be executed in two phases. Estimate fund is NT$2.4 million where construction materials account for 76% and technical labor for 24%. General workforce for the reconstruction will be supported from local communities. This is a dream to gather the wish and resources from Taiwan, and assist 400 school kids in the Nepali mountains to go back to school--to fulfill their dreams to education. We invite your participation to let this dream realized. VolunteerLink Taiwan has a team for this project, and hires a project manager and secretary to coordinate and oversee. Groups of Techinical, Finance, Public Relations & Media, and Fundraising are established to operate details. VolunteerLink Taiwan also partners with legal and architectural advisers for professional consultations. The host communities and local schools in Nepal will form a reconstruction team that arranges and supervises administration, lconstruction materials, labor, and duration.


How can you help? It costs NT$1,000 for a steak at Wang Steak in Taiwan. But in Nepal, NT$1000 = 100 bricks + 1 bag of cement. A portion of the construction materials =  A hope. 

Step I: Choose a donation method.

1. Postal Remittance

Account Name: 社團法人臺灣志工盟協會 (Chinese only)

Account Number: 50335094

2. Postal Transfer

Post Code: 700

Account Name: 社團法人臺灣志工盟協會 (Chinese only)

Post Account Number: 0061097-0285949 

3.  Bank Transfer

CTBC Bank (中國信託銀行) (Code: 822) 

Branch Name: Eash Hsinchu Branch (東新竹分行)

Account Name: 社團法人臺灣志工盟協會 (Chinese only)

Account Number: 3365-4032-2417

4. Others (Please contact us for specific needs)


Step II: Submit your donation info at

We will send you the donation recipt and periodically report our poject progress. 

For any inquiry, please call our fund line at +886 (0)965-640436. Thank you!


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